In order therefore that we might be called to eternal bliss from our original bond and from earthly errors, He came down Himself to us to Whom we could not ascend, because, although there was in many the love of truth, yet the variety of our shifting opinions was deceived by the craft of misleading demons, and man’s ignorance was dragged into diverse and conflicting notions by a falsely-called science. — St. Leo the Great, Sermon XXIII On the Nativity

This particular quote jumped out at me today,  because of the phrase “falsely-called science,” which is part of a world view that is largely lost on the modern world. For St. Leo, there is a real necessity to “commit ourselves and one another and our whole lives unto to Christ our God.” St. Leo truly understands that Christ is the very center of his whole life, indeed the whole world. So much so that any kind of scientific thought that leads us away from the reality of Christ born, crucified and risen does not deserve to be called science.

In St. Leo’s understanding of the world, science and reason are gifts from God. As creator, God has endowed us with the ability to observe, understand and work with all of creation. Thus, since every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights (see James 1:17), true reason and science lead us towards God, not away from Him. Christ is the over-arching reality that informs every other aspect of life.

To put this another way, the question isn’t science or God and the answer isn’t science and God. Rather it is science because of God.