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Are you man? Are you woman? Are White? African-American? Latino? Asian? Greek? Are you an immigrant? Are you native-born? Are you rich? Are you poor? Come, the Lord has set his table and everything is ready now.(1) He has sent his minion to fetch the poor. He has directed his servant to bring the blind. He has commissioned his slave to deliver the lame.(2) So that the Lord’s House may be filled, he has sent his Son to all those who travel the roads, the lanes and the highways to call them to sit at the meal.(3) He has planted His mustard seed which has grown into a giant tree, with branches filled with birds and their nests.(4) He has levened the loaf(5) so that it might feed those who come the from the east, from the west, from the north, from the south(6) to sit at his banquet and receive his love and mercy.

God so loved the world that He sent His Only-Begotten Son to take on our flesh.(7) In this flesh, there is no longer Jew nor Greek, free nor slave, male nor female.(8) You are the children of God for you are all one in Jesus Christ.(9) Let us cry out in amazement with the angels, Glory to God in the Highest!(10) Dare to call God Father.(11) Our form is untied to the Godhead. Christ is born today, so that in death, His divine descent might declare life to the dead; that the powers of death be bound and the pathway to heaven be opened for all of humanity.(12)

Isaiah, foreseeing this, cried out “God is with us!”(13)
God is with us! and Herod, in his greed for worldly power, is frightened.(14)
God is with us! and Hades trembles.
God is with us! and Corruption cowers.
God is with us! and Decay despairs.
God is with us! and Death is afraid.

He who cannot be seen is seen, He who cannot be contained came forth from a virgin’s womb, He who created all things, has chosen for His mother one He has made(15), David’s Lord has become David’s Son.(16)

Christ is Born! The Last Adam has come!
Christ is Born! Our nature is renewed!
Christ is Born! demons are fallen!
Christ is Born! angels rejoice!
Christ is Born! Let all of creation exalt!
Christ is Born! Life reigns!

For Christ has taken on flesh to proclaim the Resurrection to the living and the dead. Let no ear fail to hear the Good News, for Christ has come. To Him be glory and dominion unto the ages of ages.
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