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5. Now since it was God’s good pleasure to annul the pretext for that pride which brought down His rational creatures, He makes everything like Himself; and because by nature He is equal to Himself and equal in honour, He makes the creation equal to itself by grace and equal in honour. And how was this done? The very Word of God from God emptied Himself in an indescribable way, came down from on high to the lowest state of man’s nature, and indissolubly linked it with Himself, and in humbling Himself and becoming poor like us, He raised on high the things below; or rather, He gathered both things into one, mingling humanity with divinity, and by so doing He taught everyone that humility is the road which leads upwards, setting forth today Himself as an example before men and holy angels alike. — St. Gregory Palamas, Homily Fifty-Eight on the Saving Nativity According to the Flesh of Our Lord and God and Savior

One might postulate that equality is an American obsession. Ever since the words “All men are created equal” were made part of the Declaration of Independence, we have strived to make or allow equality in ever part of our lives. One might even argue that our political disagreements are over which aspect of life we want to ensure equality — equal opportunity vs. equal outcome. Thus, despite the words “by their Creator” also being an essential part of the Founders understanding of equality, modern Americans often make the mistake that we human beings are capable of insuring the equality we obsess over.

Even if we do everything in our power to give every one equal opportunity, not everyone is going to be equally equipped to take advantage. If we do everything in our power to ensure equal outcome, either we must accept that a paraplegic is never going to play NFL football or we eliminate NFL football.

In other words, we are incapable of creating equality on our own. Only God can do that. In the fifth paragraph of his homily on the Nativity, St. Gregory points out that the equality made possible in and through Christ incarnate is a radical equality Americans can only dream about — unless we re-integrate Christ back into the equality equation.