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St. Hilary now begins his discussion about the metaphor of the tree next to the waters:

But now that the man has found perfect happiness by keeping aloof from the counsel of the ungodly and the way of sinners and the seat of pestilence, and by gladly meditating in the Law of God by day and by night, we are next to be shewn the rich fruit that this happiness he has won will yield him. Now the anticipation of happiness contains the germ of future happiness. For the next verse runs: ‘And he shall be like a tree planted beside the rills of water, which shall yield its fruit in its own season, whose leaf also shall not fall off.’ This may perhaps be deemed an absurd and inappropriate comparison, in which are extolled a planted tree, rills of water, the yielding of fruit, its own time, and the leaf that falls not. All this may appear trivial enough to the judgment of the world. But let us examine the teaching of the Prophet and see the beauty that lies in the objects and words used to illustrate happiness.

Note how St. Hilary admits that the happiness of the blessed man involves hope for a future happiness. Even when we manage to make life a living prayer and meditate upon the Law day and night, trial and tribulation will still come our way.

One of the consequences of living in the fallen world is that decay, disease and death are every day occurrences. As a result, we all face these consequences every day. We or our loved ones get sick, have accidents and have tragedy enter into our lives.

Thus, the happiness of the blessed man must necessarily involve hope of a future where such tragedy cannot touch him. In the meantime, the blessed man has allowed God to enter into every moment of his life. In this way, all the trials and tribulations of the fallen world cease to be insurmountable obstacles, but rather challenges that are overcome by relying on the strength of God.

This reality can be ours. We hope in the coming Kingdom and we can rely upon God to give us His strength to get us through those trials, tribulations and even tragedies that otherwise could consume us. We can be blessed and even happy during these darkest of hours because we are with God and hope in His Kingdom.