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St. Hilary continues his analysis of John 3:18-19:

These, then, are they whom the judgment awaits which unbelievers have already had passed upon them and believers do not need: because they have loved darkness more than light; not that they did not love the light too, but because their love of darkness is the more active. For when two loves are matched in rivalry, one always wins the preference; and their judgment arises from the fact that, though they loved Christ, they yet loved darkness more. These then will be judged; they are neither exempted from judgment like the godly, nor have they already been judged like the ungodly; but judgment awaits them for the love which they have deliberately preferred.

This, then, is a warning (and a hope): if we continue to be one of the ambiguous and love the darkness enough to regularly let it draw us away from Christ, we will be judged. There is hope, however. Christ came precisely to give us the tools and the strength to avoid the Judgement Seat.

If we dedicate our lives to Light and Truth, if we take advantage of the tools offered by Christ’s Church — worship, prayer, fasting, almsgiving and (especially) His Body and Blood — we begin down a path that leads us to be among the righteous. If we emulate the blessed and happy man of the First Psalm, we live in hope that our love of Light and Truth will guide us to a criteria of judgement we choose for others — forgiveness.