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St. Hilary now applies the comparison of Psalm 1:6 and 1 Corinthians 14:37-38 to the righteous:

Thus he shews that those are known of God who know the things of God: they are to come to be known when they know, that is, when they attain to the honour of being known through the merit of their known godliness, in order that the knowledge may be seen to be a growth on the part of him who is known, and not a growth on the part of one who knows not.

In others words (remembering our analysis of the word know from yesterday), the righteous spend their life becoming intimately familiar with God and His ways (they know God). As such, they can recognize God as He acts throughout His creation and His will for His creation. As such, (again, using the criteria of judgement chosen by the righteous) God will recognize them as righteous. Judgement, therefore will not to be necessary and they will attain the honor and glory set aside for them by God.