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St. Gregory the Theologian, Oration 38, Section 16:

So shortly you will also see the purification of Jesus in the Jordan for my purification; or rather he is cleansed for the purification of the waters, for he indeed did not need purification, who takes away the sin of the world. The heavens are parted and he receives the testimony of the Spirit, who is akin to him. He is tempted and conquers the tempter and is served by angels. He heals every sickness and every infirmity, and give life to the dead. Would that he would give life to you who are dead through your false doctrine. He drives out demons, some by himself and others through his disciples. With a few loaves he feed tens of thousands, and he walks on the sea. He is betrayed and crucified and crucifies sin with himself. He is offered as a lamb and offers as a priest, he is buried as a human being, raised as God, then also ascends, and he will return with his own glory. How many celebrations there are for me corresponding to each of the mysteries of Christ! Yet they all have one completion, my perfection and refashioning and restoration to the state of the first Adam.